Pascal Sterchi

Pascal Sterchi


In my artistic work I am concerned with reconciliation and the balancing of boundaries. I like to combine things that do not go together and am convinced that interesting things are hidden in the inconspicuous. I am impulsively guided by my intuition and my imagination.

Since I am disillusioned with the idea of limitations, I believe in the creation of new universes. I focus on to the ever-changing environment, the metamorphosis of all being and existentialism. Current socio-political discourses trigger my creative work and form the impetus for the relentless search for new images.

The act of masking one’s reality echoes in the act of figuration. Therefore my work also orbits around masculinities, their mannerisms and sensations. Characters are often caught in states of emotional or psychological transformation. Vulnerability and ambiguity become a reality for the subject.